Fushou Maitreya Buddha | Thuja

“Fu Shou Maitreya Buddha” brings longevity and joy, and blesses the elderly with endless longevity, full of children and grandchildren, and a happy family reunion.

Maitreya Buddha’s earlobes are big and thick. The bigger the earlobe, the better luck. The thicker it is, the more wealth it can bring. Moreover, Maitreya Buddha always has a smile on his face, which means that the old age life is full of fun, that is, the blessing of having children and grandchildren around their knees. There is also a wealth of wealth.

“Fu Shou Maitreya Buddha” holds high the harvest of longevity peaches, and blesses us to eliminate disasters and diseases, and live a long life. Longevity peach is a fruit born with the fairy spirit of the fairy world. It only blooms once in three thousand years and bears fruit only once in three thousand years. It has the magical effect of prolonging life. Maitreya Buddha picked the fairy fruit and sent it to us. It is longevity and joy. It is placed in the room of the elderly, just like the fairy spirit around him, which has the effect of feng shui for blessing and longevity and blesses the elders and future generations. disaster, good health.