God of Wealth | Ancient Sunken Wood

The God of Wealth is in charge of the world’s money & wealth. He is an honored guest that everyone looks forward to. People have always loved to read: “On the fifth day of the first lunar month, the God of Wealth, I would like to invite the God of Wealth to come every day, and gift a cornucopia of gold and silver, and welcome the year of prosperity.” All the time, the wind is smooth and the wealth is prosperous. As everyone knows, the God of Wealth was originally a mortal person, transformed from outstanding people who were extremely good at making money, such as Bigan, Fan Li, Zhao Gongming, and Guan Yu. The God of Wealth enjoys the admiration and worship of the people as the giver and protector of wealth.

The God of Wealth genealogy is composed of the most powerful and profitable people of all eras. The most powerful people in each era formed the god of wealth, bless everyone’s family wealth, and master the aura and skills of wealth and wealth.

Therefore, the God of Wealth is like a career that everyone yearns for. Only the outstanding commercial talents can take the position, and there are also civil and military distinctions. The gods of wealth and wealth include Bi Gan and Fan Li. They are dressed as officials, wearing the official hat of the prime minister, holding Ruyi and gold ingots in their hands. They have a kind demeanor and smiles all over their faces. Good luck, good fortune, and abundant wealth. There are Zhao Gongming and Guan Yu, the gods of military wealth. Their images are mighty, with weapons in their hands and fierce beasts. They are surrounded by cornucopias, big ingots, corals, etc., which means keeping business and wealth and blessing the world with reunion and prosperity.

The God of Wealth of Wen and Wu Zheng is the most common guardian, and there are the other five Gods of Wealth, Quasi God of Wealth, Live God of Wealth, etc. To be blessed by them is like approaching the source of wealth, and is more handy in the process of pursuing fame and wealth. God help. Therefore, in traditional folk culture, the God of Wealth is very well-known, and many people choose to worship the God of Wealth at home, praying for good weather and a happy life. The God of Wealth is a typical symbol of traditional Chinese wealth culture. His appearance is often accompanied by auspicious treasures such as cash cows, wishful hooks, cornucopias, golden leaves, etc., to strengthen the magnetic field of wealth generation and wealth accumulation, and bring prosperity, prosperity, and prosperity to our days.