God of Wealth | Copper Tire Gold Silk Enamel

The bronze gilt, cloisonné, and enamel God of Wealth was made in the Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty. Its carvings are exquisite and its face is expressive. The ceremony of receiving the God of Wealth is held from time to time, and it is believed that as long as the God of Wealth takes care of it, the family will be rich in wealth and business will be prosperous.  
The God of Wealth has a double dragon crown on his head, sits on the Yuanbao seat, and comes with a cornucopia in the blessed land of gold and silver. With the spring breeze on his face, he brings various sources of wealth to his eyes graciously and joyfully, which means that the worshipers will encounter many promotions and riches. A good opportunity, if you strive for it in time, you can enjoy the glory and wealth. 

The forehead of the double dragon crown is engraved with two vivid chilong patterns, and the top is covered with round golden jade. There is also a golden double dragon playing with golden lotus in front of the flower bud, which is full of images of prosperity and prosperity. The scarf behind the crown is made of vermilion enamel glaze, and decorated with tangled branches and flowers to set off the dragon pattern and the phoenix pattern on both ends of the head and tail, symbolizing the interplay of yin and yang and the endless life. In addition, the left and right cap wings of the crown and the shawl fluttering on the shoulders of the God of Wealth are specially painted with a blue background and intertwined branches to convey a calm and stable state. 

The official robe of the God of Wealth continues to use festive red, and the brocade is not only decorated with lotus, but also combines auspicious patterns such as Fangsheng pattern, money pattern, banana leaf, and blessing beads. The hem of his clothes is decorated with dragon and phoenix patterns on the left and right, and the peach in the sky is depicted on the knees. There are also patterns on the back collar, such as clouds, bats, deer, and cranes, which form the meaning of “six contracts of spring” and “Hong Fu Qi Tian”. The whole reflects the God of Wealth. His noble status also reveals His character of being close to the people and benefiting the people. 

The cornucopia held in both hands by the God of Wealth is dazzling, with blue enamel glaze and filigree money pattern as the base, to set off the gilded animal head prominent in the middle, the animal head is decorated with panchi on the left and right, and the upper part has patterns such as longevity peach, goldfish, and waves. , a symbol of gold and jade, long life, and wealth. The cornucopia is full of gold and silver treasures, which are so endless that they overflow the ground, reflecting the golden treasure seat of the God of Wealth. The throne is painted with patterns such as panchi, red bat, lotus flower, longevity peach, and blessing characters in an orderly manner, which directly and powerfully shows the prosperity that the God of Wealth can bring to the people.