Grand Palace Palace Maids

The “Palace Maid’s Horse Race” is an image of the prosperity of the harem. Watching from the tower, the palace servants serving meals, swinging fans, and attentive service, each of them looked downstairs curiously and mischievously. Between the fence and the cave door downstairs, the maids’ horse teams were running around the city gates on both sides, with unrestrained expressions. Sassy. During the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, Jingdezhen kilns fired many themes of women riding horses galloping in the garden, among which the porcelain was mostly colorful, followed by blue and white. It is said that this was born out of the “Yangmen female general” martial arts scene, or Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty. According to the picture, the horse race held by Xiyuan Li Palace should be just a joyful and innocent game for women in the harem, which aims to express the women’s soft and vigorous charm.

This product was successively collected by Princess Isabella Lubomirska, Count Potocki of Polan, and the family of Paul-Louis Weiller (1893-1993). It was sold at Christie’s, France, from June 4 to 25, 2021, at the Asia Art Exhibition. No. 382.