GrandMaster Chair | Cloisonne

There are three sets of Cingsai Lan Tai Shi chair, with two chairs and one chair. The Taishi chair is the only seat named after the Chinese classical furniture, which is named after official positions. The world is called the chair of its official family, symbolizing the master’s lofty status. The Cloisonne Lan Taishi chair is engraved with a dragon-patterned totem. It is believed that it was the emperor’s seat. If ordinary people, such as ordinary people approached or sat down at will, can be regarded as contempt for dragon Wei and Da Nu.       

Cloisonne Tai Shi chair looks like a circle chair, the shape is gentle and beautiful. The back of the circle, winding down with the handrail, makes people feel safe and comfortable when they are leaning. The overall specifications of the two chairs are similar, both of which are based on the blue backbone pattern. However, the tabletop and chair surface of the coffee table are specially arranged to arrange the red bezel representing the authority. To show the status of the emperor, the handrails and back panels of the chair are decorated with gold-transparent carved patterns. There is a red-bottomed silk moisture pattern in the center of the back panel. The dragon pattern of the golden carved sculpture reflects the magnificent style of the royal richness.