Great Bodhisattva | Red Sandalwood

The Great Trend Bodhisattva has a strong vow and is revered as the “Three Saints of the West” together with Amitabha Buddha and Guanyin Bodhisattva. He always illuminates all things with the light of wisdom, and keeps all living beings away from disasters such as blood, swords, and soldiers, and is also free from terror, sorrow, and other sufferings. The Great Potential Bodhisattva has unsurpassed light, and the heaven and earth shake wherever he goes. All demons, demons, and evil spirits are not allowed to approach and harm sentient beings. Bless everyone from falling into the three paths and three evil paths of hell, evil ghosts, and animals, and attain unsurpassed Bodhi power.

The Great Trend Bodhisattva came with lotus flowers and gently welcomed the new soul. There is a vase in the center of his bun, which is filled with unimaginable and infinite light. Follow the guidance of the Bodhisattva to give full play to the wisdom hidden in the heart, embark on the ideal path, and create a splendid future.