Great Greater Fortune Leading | Thuja

The lychee flower baskets carefully carved by the precious thuja cypress root are full of fruits, dense and rich, and the scene is prosperous. The sound of lychee is the same as “inspirational”, and it also contains blessings of great prospects for the people who are struggling for life. In addition, lychee is homophonic “li”, so it is often endowed with meanings such as “great auspiciousness”, “a book of great profits” and “welfare full of branches”, which is a symbol of auspiciousness.

According to the unofficial history, Concubine Yang was fond of eating lychees, and even Du Mu wrote: “When a concubine rides a red dust and laughs, no one knows that it is a lychee.” The famous verse reflects that Emperor Xuanzong of Tang was extremely fond of Concubine Yang. It can be seen that lychees have been favored by the nobles since ancient times. Lychees are born with a rich and noble atmosphere, paired with the auspicious aura of Thuga Roots, making the wealth and fortune of the family prosperous like lychees.