Guanyin Zun | Ceramics

The old folk ceramics should have a dark and deep glaze color and a smooth and translucent surface, but they are covered with soil and gravel as if they were picked up from the forgotten ruins, and only the traces of ruins are left on it. An indelible mark. But anyone with a discerning eye should know that the era it has experienced is the era of the Republic of China that we can no longer match, the turbulent and passionate period. We can never figure out, in its story, whether it is a war, a house fight, or an ordinary utensil that witnesses generations of children playing in an ordinary yard. Unfortunately, the ending is the same after all, and the fate of being abandoned cannot be escaped. When we picked it up, we cherished the indestructible dirt and gravel more and more, and the lingering smell of lime and explosives. We just wanted to retrieve the old city memories of our predecessors.