Happiness, Wealth and Longevity | Mahogany Rosewood

The red rosewood creates a pair of auspicious appreciation bottles. Their lotus-leaf-shaped mouth is particularly eye-catching. In the slowly unfolding leaves, the life that the Chinese family is most looking forward to unity and harmony, branches and leaves. The neck of the reward is straightforward and simple, surrounded by three characters of “Fu”, “Lu” and “Shou”, which represent the most revered gods of the traditional Chinese who bring blessings, wealth, and longevity to us. Here there are gods to bless, and there are spirits to guard below. The abdomen of the appreciation bottle is consecrated on all sides, and the four major Chinese spirit beasts are carved with “lin”, “phoenix”, “turtle” and “dragon”. invade. In addition, the “Fu Lu Shou Appreciation Bottle” overall presents a magenta color similar to black and red, a classic interpretation of China’s representative colors, giving the interior a quaint atmosphere, even if it only occupies a small corner, it also steadily exudes an extraordinary charm.