Happy Eyebrows | Children’s inlaid shell

The “Happy Eyebrows” disc ornament conveys the good omen of the magpie’s good news and can add a strong festive color to the family. Rosewood is graceful and luxurious, and as a background for ornaments, it is stable and friendly. In it, the crystal and shiny shells are skillfully inlaid into auspicious patterns “Happy Eyebrows”, which can fill the whole family with a happy and wealthy atmosphere. A beautiful landscape.

In the pattern, two magpies flew to the branches of plum blossoms and chatted lively and happily. Plum blossoms and fruits were blooming around them. From time to time, groups of butterflies flew in, showing a beautiful scene of early spring and double happiness. , placed in the living room is enough to infect everyone’s mood, pose a natural and comfortable posture during conversations, and enhance mutual spiritual communication.