Happy family portrait | Indonesian Agarwood

The flowers and trees in front of the courtyard bloom early in spring, and the recreational lights are bright throughout the year. The family gathers with relatives and friends to sit together, and the longevity and longevity will be together forever.

Chickens are birds of light, and people have liked to associate chickens with the warm sun since ancient times. No matter how silent the night is, just hearing the rooster crowing makes you feel as if your heart will rise, knowing that the sun is about to rise and dawn is coming. Therefore, the rooster is the messenger of hope that divides light and darkness, day and night. Having a rooster at home means having light, warmth, and yang. The rooster brings peace to the house and also symbolizes social well-being. Accompanied by the sound of roosters, the lights of every household will be lit slowly one by one, and the smoke from the cooking will rise into the sky, starting an ordinary and busy day. Until sunset, men, women, and children will gather at home again, get close to each other, chat freely, and enjoy the happiest moment of the soul. It can be seen that the “Family Portrait of a Happy Family” shows a lively popularity, wishing the family a prosperous and harmonious neighborhood, representing bright and auspiciousness and no evil.