Heavenly Treasure Box | Chaozhou Woodcarving

Chaozhou woodcarving is a kind of art of art circulating in China. On the basis of woodworking sculptures, it integrates vivid painting techniques to create a variety of precise and delicate character stories, auspicious patterns and other composition sculptures. The forms are presented in architecture, furniture or sacrifice appliances, with distinctive woodworking characteristics and unique in sculpting art. Chaozhou woodcarving themes are rich in themes, including treasures and beasts, flowers, fruits and worms, Bogu, fairy Buddha, landscape, etc., and more show the plot screens of folk fables, myths and legends, and opera dramas.       

Every day in the first month of the first month of the first month of the Malaysia, the Malaysian people will string up the longan, red dates, and honey, and lay on the “饯 box” to worship the Emperor of heaven.

Tiangong Treasure Box is 2.4 meters high, 9 meters wide, and 2.1 meters long. It is not considered a base. There are five floors, which are divided into five types of lion, heaven, earth, people, and Tiangong. The pillars, eaves, and walls on each floor are complicated and delicately painted with traditional Chinese auspicious patterns such as Swiss beasts, flowers, birds, and fairy wares. In addition, the Tiangong Treasure Box presents a rare hexagonal form, which is a metaphor for six or six Da Shun. Regardless of the heavens and the earth, the southeast and northwest, it can live in harmony with all things in the world and go smoothly.

The treasure box base is divided into two parts. The hexagonal below is engraved with Ruyi patterns. The six sides are decorated with green pupa, butterflies, and flower and leaf patterns, forming a beautiful scene of flowers gathered and arrogant. Among them, Qingya is a rumor that can bring back money. Whether we spend the mother money or child money, we can usher in the return of funds under the action of the green cricket, driving profit growth. The upper part is carved through the bump structure, carved various birds and flowers and fragrance maps in the form of three or two -sides, setting off the dark eight immortals separated by eight reliefs: gourd, group fan, fishing drum, sword, lotus, flower basket, horizontal flute and yin yao, I wish them each, I wish them all each. Showing magical powers, guarding the stability of the Bayang.       

The base foot of the Tiangong Treasure Box is supported by six brave and prestigious Chaotian lions. Among them, there are four male lions, which are the yang surface; There are stone drums on each of the Tiens, and the peony is regenerated above the stone drum. The stone drum represents the reputation status. The peony represents the prosperity and wealth. There are also six “back patterns and branches and leaves” on the top of the base foot, and each of them is used in the middle to make the lion’s feet show the voicing weather of the earth’s return spring and the extensive money.       

The outer eaves of the Baiche Tower Pavilion are all “birds and flowers” around “double dragon vomiting beads”. The top is carved with “squirrel grapes” on the top of the ring. Delivery. Among them, the Sancai Pavilion on the hall (heaven, earth, people, people) has six pillars on each floor. The carving on the column is based on the floor transformation, and the image of “Hanmei Pay Goods”, “Dragon Eight Immortals” and “Danfeng Chaoyang” will be presented. Among them, Fengzhu was above the dragon pillar, which reflected that the rights of Empress Dowager Cixi at that time were much higher than the emperor. In addition, there is a Chinese Rui Beast in front of each pillar. There are auspicious elephants in front of “Hanmei Essentials”. There is a benevolent and righteous Kirin in front of “Dragon Dragon Eight Immortals”. The ground guards one party to be stable.       

On the third floor of the middle hall, each layer has five auspicious patterns on the front and back samples. The lower level “Guo Ziyi He Shou”, “Liu Jinding recruits his relatives” on the left, the “San Niang Chunzi” on the right, and the oblique surface engraved with “Tai Lion and Lion” and “Taiping Youxiang”. The middle-level “recruiting wealth into the treasure” is “twenty -four filial piety” on the left and right. The sides of the slope are accompanied by “wealth and peace” and “plum five blessings”. The upper layer “Blessed by Heavenly Officials”, the “champion and first” on the left, the “great cause” on the right, and the “squirrel grapes” on both sides, that is, I wish the descendants to be famous for generations.       

The eaves of the Treasure Box Pavilion are all surrounded by “birds chirping and flowers” surrounding “double dragons spitting beads”. The top ring is engraved with “squirrel grapes”, which means richness and richness. The inner wall is decorated with “horses everywhere”, except for the allusions embossed in the center. Work hard. Among them, the three-level pavilion (heaven, earth, and people) has six pillars to support the roof. The carvings on the pillars change according to the floor, showing the images of “Hanmei Announces Good News”, “Dragon and Eight Immortals” and “Danfeng Chaoyang” from bottom to top. Among them, the phoenix column is above the dragon column, which means that the power of the Empress Dowager Cixi was much higher than that of the emperor at that time. In addition, there is a Chinese auspicious beast in front of each pillar, an auspicious elephant in front of “Hanmei Announcement”, a benevolent unicorn in front of “Eight Dragons and Eight Immortals”, and a mighty lion in front of “Danfeng Chaoyang”, all of them perform their duties. To keep one side safe.