Hehe Erxian | Red Sandalwood

Hehe Erxian, also known as Hehe Ersheng, is a god in charge of peace and joy. It is called “Happy Heaven” by folks, and the two are also regarded as the god of love and the god of happiness in charge of marriage. The two immortals of Hehe mainly bless the harmony and completeness of emotional relationships. Whether in family, husband and wife, friends, or society, as long as they receive the blessings of the two immortals of Hehe, the interpersonal atmosphere will be more harmonious and harmonious, so that things can go smoothly in life & surrounded by noble men. In addition, the two immortals of Hehe are also often used in wedding festive ceremonies, wishing the newlyweds to be affectionate and forever united.

The red sandalwood is smooth and soft, with delicate texture. The two carved fairy children are full of smiles and lively and lovely. They hold a round box and hold a blooming lotus flower, showing the meaning of “Lotus Box” (harmony), and also wish the newlyweds the flowers to bloom and pedicles, Hundred years of harmony. The two immortals of Hehe are friendly and approachable, often attracting auspicious beasts and bats around the sleeves, indicating good luck and good luck. In addition, the two fairy boys have one foot on the unicorn and the other on the koi, which symbolizes the auspicious meaning of peace, and wealth.