Hengdao Guan Gong | Black Sandalwood

Hengdao Guan Gong raised the sword and pressed the sword. His face was upright and the sword in his hand was soaring, meaning that he pressed the white tiger on the left and the blue dragon on the right. He was ready to fight against demons at any time, and the world was peaceful and prosperous. Guan Gong firmly grasped the weapon “Qinglong Yanyue Saber”, which weighed 82 pounds, but in Guan Gong’s hands, it seemed as light as a feather, as if in a few rounds, he had overwhelmingly slaughtered demons and monsters to protect the safety and health of the family. Guan Gong is known as the first of the “Five Tiger Generals”. He is loyal to his liver, righteousness, and martial arts. One person is enough to withstand thousands of troops. He is a powerful and reliable protector and the spiritual cohesion of the Chinese nation.