Hexagonal Xuanlang cover | Chaozhou Woodcarving

Xuan stove hood, commonly known as incense stove hood or incense stove hood, is a prop used to worship ancestors and gods. As long as incense is lit in the stove during the festivals, the rich and delicate breath will flow from the square holes on the top of the hood and the hollows around it. The carved holes lingered out, forming an auspicious scene shrouded in smoke.

The bottom of the hexagonal Xuan stove hood is supported by six heroic lions and young lions, indicating that the family is strong and the descendants are prosperous. On the top, there are gold-painted lacquer carvings such as green cockroaches, flowers, and birds, implying the wealth and vitality. The railings are centered with “fish tail and double lion”, with “flowers and leaves piercing branches” on the left and right, and a trumpeter is carved in each corner, showing a majestic atmosphere, representing the talent around the leader, the icing on the cake.

The main body of the Xuan stove hood has six sides and six sides. Each side is carved with three layers inside and outside. The edge of the outermost layer is engraved with “squirrel grapes”, which represents wealth, longevity, and prosperity. The top beams and dragon columns are built on the left and right sides of the middle layer, symbolizing the spirit of standing above the sky. The innermost layer of the pillars is the most conspicuous allegorical carving. It displays the three themes of “flowers, birds, insects and fish”, “Bogu vases” and “Three Kingdoms characters” in a symmetrical structure, presenting different characteristics such as elegance, erudition, loyalty, and bravery, giving full play to the diverse themes of Chaozhou woodcarving. cultural characteristics.