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Home and everything are prosperous, as long as the home is harmonious, everything will be prosperous!

Home and All Things Prosperity: Auspicious Vase” has a lot of lotus leaves and lotus flowers that symbolize “purity” and “harmony”. Swim and play along the water, bringing out the meaning of “rich and noble, and competitive advantage”.

The auspicious bottle has orange red and tender green as the main colors. Red and green, the leaves are thick and the water is clear, the happy and warm picture is comfortably displayed in front of our eyes. The so-called “lotus leaves He Tiantian, fish play in lotus leaves”, everything in the painting is so agile and free and easy, with Wang Guangran’s inscription “Family and Everything is Prosperous”, the painting, text, and bottle complement each other, wishing a long and happy life, good health and prosperity, and at the same time It also means that if harmony is the most precious thing in everything, everything will be prosperous.