Hundred Treasures Box | Rosewood

Treasures are stored in treasure chests, and antiques are hidden in antiques. Treasure chest, square in appearance, unremarkable. But if anyone is fortunate enough to open it, they will surely find that there are many treasures hidden inside! The treasure chest is luxurious and restrained. Its golden and upright appearance looks generous and calm. When you open the lock, you can find that the box is divided into several layers. Each layer has a well-arranged space, which is enough to place various types of antique ornaments. People can’t help but sigh that it is soft on the inside and strong on the outside, and can rest assured that all the treasures collected will be handed over to this treasure box for careful care.

Treasure boxes have been popular since ancient times. At that time, people needed to travel for a long time, and they were reluctant to leave their treasures for too long. They often customized a treasure box to carry these treasures with them for regular care and appreciation. In order to protect their hearts, princes and nobles often spare no expense and are willing to buy precious wood to build a “house” for these ornaments. The material used is huanghuali, because its wood is firm and warm, and its texture is exquisite, which can meet the requirements of practicality and convenience at the same time. Artistic and decently organized. Huanghuali is scarce in resources, and it is rare to buy it in the market. If you can have a treasure chest in this life, why not seize the opportunity to taste the delicacy and luxury of the ancient famous family?