Jaafar Taib

Jaafar TAIB, born in Malacca, Malacca in 1952, is a well-known Impressionist wild animal painter, cartoonist, and publisher. He founded the comic magazine “Gila-Gila” in 1978 and developed it into Malaysia’s most popular comic magazine today. Jaafar TAIB has learned his own talents. With a full enthusiasm for art, he actively read the material and was willing to accept various criticism and suggestions. He finally hone his superb skills step by step and created a unique personal style of wild animal paintings. Since exhibiting works at the National Art Museum of Malaysia in 1983, Jaafar TAIB has participated in many exhibitions, such as: “July 1993” organized by Pahang State Dahan Mountain National Park, and the “2003 International Bird Competition in Fulong Port Pengheng State “Solo exhibition” and so on. In addition, Jaafar TAIB has painted many times for royal members and gentlemen, and his works have also been collected by institutions such as Congress.