Jiangshan Range | New color bottle on the glaze

The new color bottle on the glaze《江山攬勝》was born in the 70th anniversary of China. It was written by the famous contemporary oil painting and ink painter Huang Jiannan. The works are mainly view of the continuous plateau mountains. The peaks are towering and tall, white and solemn, and look at the pine forests on the other side. It means that China’s national strength is strong and immortal. The rivers and rivers are flowing between the mountains and forests. The source of the water seems to connect the world, representing the blood of the Chinese. It is gentle and quiet with color, beautiful and moving, and a porcelain painted in the famous mountains and rivers of China. Let us see all the beautiful scenery, but it is always affectionate but the mountains, and mountains are always affectionate. As Huang Jiannan’s first ceramic work, 《江山攬勝》is limited to 600 pieces, and each piece is purely hand-painted. Such a masterpiece of both love and art can be collected as soon as possible.