Ladies Bottle | Color Porcelain

The colorful porcelain “Ladies Bottle” is very auspicious. It is based on the ancient pattern “Wanshou vine” as the background, with red and yellow tones, and layers of wives and daughters, children, and grandchildren around the knee. Since ancient times, rich and noble families have spacious houses and many members, just like a big tree with branches and leaves. Therefore, “Ladies Bottle” uses “aristocratic figure paintings” and “twined branches and flower patterns” to imply the prosperity of the family and the harmony of the family. The color and regularity of the bottle are strong and distinct. From the bell mouth to the neck, shoulders, abdomen, feet, and other parts, red and yellow are separated to bring out a sense of hierarchy, and then the neck, shoulders, and abdomen are divided into two The windows are opened in the order of 2, 4 and 6, and the patterns of flowers, birds, and figures are alternately depicted. Whether viewed horizontally or vertically, there is a feeling of stability and prosperity, which makes the venue appear lively and harmonious.