Leading Sheep | Thuja cladding

The goat with the bouldering of the thuja root stands high-spiritedly on the cliff, which means that the owner has a noble identity and powerful power, and has the great responsibility of leading the running in the field. Just like the leader, as the strongest in the group competition, he has irreversible power and prestige. Therefore, works of art are very suitable for leading groups. In addition to enhancing their own momentum, they also attract the heartfelt trust and following of their subordinates.

The Almighty Goat represents the law in the ancient legal culture, symbolizes fairness and justice, and has always been worshipped and relied on by the general public. Therefore, officials often use lamb furs as court clothes to show the nobleness of personal morality and improve their own public confidence. Decorating this piece at home or in the office has the same effect, urging a smooth and unobstructed career and taking advantage of the trend.

It is rare to see the phenomenon that the thuja root and the stone are tightly intertwined to form a “root boulder”, which reflects the spirit of natural selection and self-improvement in nature, and also shows the courage of collectors.