Literary Treasure | Rosewood

“Study Collection Series” collects the elegant utensils displayed in the study room by ancient and modern literati, and escapes from the traditional concept of “pen, ink, paper and inkstone” as the four treasures of the study, and chooses to produce “pen holder, pen holder, inkstone table and paperweight”. A literary play that appears on the desk but is rarely noticed.

The theme of the “Treasures Collection Series” is based on the theme of the dragon, and it is made of rosewood as the material to create a set of calm and generous and generous and generous. First look at the Shuanglong pen stand. Two unicorn dragons flew towards the middle copper plate together, and looked back tacitly, implying the dragon god care. Whenever we put the brush on the dragon, there will be a sense of being guarded by the Swiss beast. Essence Dalong Yantai has the “C -shaped jade dragon” style treasured by the Palace Museum. It kisses from the dragon head to the dragon tail, presenting the flexible C-shaped, which allows the ink to slowly grind it, and gradually spread the aroma of poetry. The dragon pen holder is like a totem. It has a simple shape without losing heroism. It is used to place a brush, which means that the world’s knowledge is in the pocket. It directly applies the simple style of rosewood, so that when it is paved with pale yellow rice paper, it is enough to smoothly carry the Chinese culture of 5,000 years.