Longquan Celadon Glazed Chrysanthemum Petal Bowl

The size of this bowl is wide, with a diameter of 31cm, and 14cm tall; The large bowl of chrysanthemum petal is covered with blue glaze, the glaze is blue and yellow, and the inner wall is engraved with a double-layer chrysanthemum pattern. The two-layer chrysanthemum pattern is average, and the liquidity of the lines is enhanced. The exposed tires in the bowl are decorated with light orange double-layer chrysanthemums to make the color more lively and pleasant. The outer wall of the bowl also always echoes the theme, carved with chrysanthemum petal patterns, to the bottom of the bowl to leave the umbilicus, showing a three-dimensional sense of hierarchy. At the same time, the chrysanthemum represents the beautiful meaning of elegant and holy, auspicious longevity.       

This product was auctioned on May 11, 2021, number 142 in the “Banghans Roger Keverne Ltd: Moving On” event.