Longquan kiln green glaze flower pattern diamond port

This plate has a thick body, green yellow, rhombus, folding edge, shallow arc belly, circle feet. The inner wall of the plate is engraved with flower patterns, the center lotus leaves are comfortable, and the petals are initially opened. The boring lotus leaves that are free to fly around the surrounding areas form a graceful and elegant picture. The outer wall of the plate is engraved with a circle of petal patterns around the ring foot, and the ring foot is orange-brown due to unglazed. This disk is slightly tilted, and the overall kiln can be seen in the areas such as: kiln seam, burst glaze, shrink glaze with fine marks and glaze line, the surface is also a bit naturally worn, which is the “handed down marks” left by the heritage porcelain.

This product was originally a private collection. Since its acquisition in 1980, he has been hereditary in the past. Today’s Sotheby’s “Bogu: Asian Art treasure Online Special”, was taken on March 24, 2021, No. 609.