Maitreya Buddha Bless | Rosewood

The theme “Maitreya Buddha Ruyi Blessing” classically interprets the beautiful meaning of “increasing wealth, making treasures, and cherishing good luck, and keeping the family safe and secure”. Maitreya Buddha’s smiling face is full of spring breeze, and both pairs send blessings to the world. They step on the blessing bag, hold Ruyi in one hand, and ingot in the other, and present all the treasures that can attract wealth in the world. Normally open.

Ruyi Yuanbao is a classic symbol of wealth and prosperity. It has always been loved by the Chinese. Almost every household can find a golden Yuanbao, because it is not only suitable for attracting wealth from all directions, such as positive wealth, partial wealth, and windfall wealth, but also for the family. Bringing good luck is a very auspicious magic weapon. The lucky bag has the meaning of “laughing at the blessing”, which can inhale the good fortune and fortune into the bag and keep it for a long time so that the prosperity and wealth can be extended to future generations.