Mazu mother -in -law | Xiaoye rosewood

Mazu Niangniang, also known as the Concubine of Heaven, Queen of Heaven, and Mother of Heaven, is the guardian deity of the ocean believed in by the people. Mazu’s compassion and benevolence have won the respect and love of many people, and her spirit of not being afraid of difficulties and riding the wind and waves has inspired people’s adventurous spirit to expand. In addition, Mother Mazu has two generals, Clairvoyant and Shunfenger, as guardians of the law, assisting in exorcising evil spirits and transmitting information. The effect is particularly remarkable, especially by coastal residents.

As the saying goes, “Where there is sea water, there are Chinese people, and Chinese people have Mazu everywhere.” Mazu belief is very important to Chinese society. With the footsteps of Chinese voyages, Mazu belief gradually crossed the sea and spread all over the world, becoming a god that everyone respects and loves. It is rumored that Mazu’s real name was Lin Mo, who died because of the rescue of the shipwreck. She was upright, kind, brave, and rescued from danger. The people have been cared for and sheltered by her for a long time, and they were also impressed by her noble virtue. Therefore, under the sacrifices and offerings from generation to generation, The belief in Mazu is enduring, especially in Taiwan, where it has developed into an important national cultural asset for the people.