Ming Dynasty | Straight neck bottle with lotus pattern | “Six Treasures of Cloisonne in the Forbidden City” series

The straight-neck bottle with lotus pattern with twined branches was produced in the Xuande year of the Ming Dynasty. The Xuande Year of the Ming Dynasty was a period of high development of cloisonne craftsmanship. Because the emperor paid great attention to it, the cloisonne produced by the imperial prison at that time were all made of exquisite materials and well-made, and it has been praised many times since it was handed down.

The straight-necked bottle is a display ornament, used to decorate the interior, and can inadvertently enhance the style of the home. The lotus-patterned straight-neck bottle was originally used by the imperial court, and its texture is particularly noble. This bottle has a long neck and a straight mouth, a gall-shaped belly, a high ring foot, and gilding technology is added to the mouth and foot edges, making the bottle more eye-catching.

The whole lotus-patterned straight-neck bottle is made of blue enamel glaze, and the surrounding lotus flowers are depicted in various colors, which are softly blooming against the backdrop of golden vines and green twigs and leaves, symbolizing continuous prosperity. A circle of banana leaves is decorated under the diameter of the bottle, and a circle of lotus petals is decorated on the foot of the circle, which respectively represent the prosperity of the great cause and the integrity and integrity, implying a bright and magnanimous career future.