Ming-style cabinet | Rosewood

Ming-style furniture is an excellent representative of Chinese furniture culture. It is famous for its beautiful body, simple style, and simple image, and is even known as a pearl of oriental art. There is another classic style in Ming-style furniture, which is a combination of shelves and cabinets, called “liang lattice cabinets”. The upper layer is a shelf and the lower layer is a cabinet. Nobles and literati doctors welcome. Huanghuali and rosewood are both high-grade hardwoods, and it is rare to see this tall and bright cabinet in a single piece, and it is rare in the world. On the top of the bright grid cabinet is the open and bright kidnapper pattern on the door, which can display antique treasures for people to appreciate, and at the same time play a protective role; below are two closed cabinet doors, which can store beloved books, treasures, etc. The two are skillfully combined to become a unique landscape in the furniture industry. Whether placed in a study or a hall, they all give people a sense of elegance and handsomeness, which is undoubtedly practical and full of cultural charm.