Moonlight on the Lotus Pond | Big Red Rosewood

A big box with a small secret room. The mirror box “Moonlight on the Lotus Pond” has a peculiar shape, and the length of each interval is inconsistent, but it is surprisingly harmoniously integrated, like a quaint and mysterious treasure house, which frequently arouses our desire to explore. The color of the rosewood is noble and elegant, and it has its own auspicious connotations. From this, the theme of “Moonlight on the Lotus Pond” is carved, and each single board is painted with patterns such as lotus flowers, lotus leaves, and Pisces playing in the water. The carvings are detailed and clear, complex but not chaotic, and after each door panel is opened, there is an unexpected space pattern for us to hide all kinds of jewelry, and since then, all the scattered pieces have a place to return, and the dressing is more calm. In addition, the top of the mirror box is like the entrance of the Treasure Pavilion, with a horizontal plaque “Moonlight on the Lotus Pond”, the left and right couplets “Lotus palace-like beauty makeup, lotus leaves in the wind and green clothes”, with the middle beauty moonlight picture, implying that the lotus is like a palace The beautiful woman in the dress, the lotus leaf is like a dress that flutters in the wind, standing gracefully in the middle of the water, the moonlight is melting, and the cold water reflects the starry sky, which makes the viewer’s mood sublime in an instant, just like the time in Zen, simple, slow, and yet Elegant to the extreme.