Must report goodbye | Red Sandalwood

The subject of the brush is very bookish, which is rarely seen in log carvings. It has a very auspicious feng shui meaning in the fields of “study” and “entrepreneurship”. The writing brush, also known as the “Zhuangyuan Pen” in ancient times, is a writing instrument with innate aura, which can help students to write like a genius in the examination room. In addition, the red sandalwood log is specially selected as the subject of the writing brush, which is intended to deepen the connotation of “natural materials must be useful”, representing that individuals are all-powerful in their field and create outstanding achievements, while “pen” and “must” Homophonic, the brush is surrounded by plum blossom branches and magpies, which is to fully convey the good news of “happy brows, must be happy”.