Natural Agarwood | Logs

Agarwood, also known as “Shenshui” and “water agarwood”, has been known as the head of the fragrance since ancient times, and enjoys the name of “diamond in the fragrant wood”. It is not an ordinary wood, but the incense tree of a specific subject is secreted to repair the wound after being damaged by external damage. In the process, it can produce chemical reactions with certain microbes to be condensed into the crystallization.       

Agarwood is rare and precious for thousands of years. Its fragrance is always clean and elegant, which can refresh the mind and calm the mind. It is more useful for creative workers to cultivate their feelings and inspire their talents. What’s more, the long-term smell of natural agarwood has medicinal effects of promoting qi, relieving pain, antibacterial, and enhancing immunity. In addition, in religious culture, agarwood is a medium that connects the three talents of “heaven, earth, and people”. It can be used in the Yangzhai to remove the filth and cleanliness, shelter the descendants, and bless the family’s safety and prosperity.