Nyonya Furniture | Choose of Sacrifice Culture Martial Arts Shell Table Chair

There are 8 chairs and 4 chairs and 4 sets of Niangqi Master chair, divided into 4 sets, each set of 2 chairs.       

The chairs and coffee tables have complex and gorgeous designs around them. They are Cantonese-style rosewood inlaid shells imitating the Qing Dynasty style. They are favored by Nyonya nobility in the Nanyang region. affairs, in short, to provide social status for men to sit down.

Nyonya’s home layout pays attention to balance and symmetry, so most of the furniture is in the form of groups and sets, which is very solemn. This set of even-numbered Taishi chairs has a Ruyi bat head on the top. The back of the chair is cleverly surrounded by a circular marble pattern with the word “Shou”, and the left and right are carved with sika and auspicious deer. The square marble pattern is connected to the seat surface, forming a round sky and a place. , meaning indomitable, rich, and longevity. The armrests on both sides of the chair have the pattern of “bottle opening and wealth”, and the rest of the waist, shoulders, and other parts are covered with plum blossom branches and leaves for embellishment. Faintly showing the power of riding a beast.

Among the 2 chairs and 1 table, the design of the coffee table completely matches the chair. The plane is mainly composed of plum blossoms and branches and leaves, and the feet are the same as the lion’s head and the beast’s feet. In this way, 1 set of 4 sets of Nyonya Taishi chairs are arranged, which can bring a full and stable atmosphere when placed in the hall.