Nyonya Furniture | Choose of Sour as a Cultural Martial Arts Shell Table and Chair (2)

There are a total of 4 chairs and 2 pieces of Nyonya Taishi chairs, which are divided into 2 sets, each set of 2 chairs and 1 piece.

This set of imitation Qing-Cantonese-style furniture, whether chair or coffee table, is influenced by Western Baroque art and Cocoa-style art, and incorporates the hot characteristics of the South. In terms of materials, shells are boldly used as the main material, and inlaid technology is used to engrave them on acid branches. On the wood, various plum blossom elements are formed; in terms of design, it advocates compatibility, that is, there is a calm and wide structure, and there are finely crafted decorations, making the overall look luxurious without losing solemnity, and it is suitable for the association and negotiation of the clubhouse.