Offering table and offering case (two-piece set) | Elm

To worship the gods, the table and the table are indispensable. They are spacious and open, and they are self-contained. They are placed in the brightest part of the room and become the best tools for children, grandchildren, and believers to express their respect. The offering table and the offering table complement each other, and simple carvings or colorful decorations on the elegant wood will not be overwhelming, but also make a person’s eyes shine. The obelisk of the offering table is used to place the objects to be enshrined, such as Buddha, Guanyin, Guan Gong or ancestors, etc., even if it is Fu Lu Shou and the Three Saints of the West, it can also be arranged neatly on the offering table, and then add the incense burner. , candlesticks, flower goblets, and other five offerings are in front of the Buddha statue, and there are more than enough seats. The table is square, you can pull it out during the New Year and festivals, and place fruits, three animals, wine, and other offerings at will to express the most devout heart. Offering tables and offerings are furniture that appeared with religion. They have a long history and profound culture. They are auspicious items for every family to pray for family harmony, happiness, and well-being. They have both decorative and sacrificial functions. Nowadays, resources are scarce and craftsmanship is declining. Its culture is worth preserving and cherishing.