Overjoyed | Thuja cladding

Spring blossoms, all things recover, and magpies fly on the branches of plum blossoms to announce the good news. This is exactly the meaning of the picture of “happy brows”, which describes that people are in good spirits at happy events, and the happy mood spreads through every corner of the body, even the corners of the eyes and brows can be seen. Chinese folk regard “happy brows” as a traditional auspicious pattern to describe festive events since ancient times. Even the “Bird Classic” records: “Magpies signify happiness”, and they believe that magpies are the birds of good luck and good fortune.

Among these happy events, the most praised is naturally that the magpie is the bird of love. The story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl meeting at the Magpie Bridge on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month is widely circulated, so magpies have become the messengers of love and synonymous with love in the eyes of the common people. There are “happy brows” ornaments in the home, not only good luck in life but also happiness and sweetness in love. Whether in the same place or different places, there will be a happy moment of encounter and a good sign of the coming of happy events.