Palace chair (three-piece set) | Rosewood

The palace chair was originally the imperial chair of the Qing Dynasty. Although it has “entered into the homes of ordinary people”, it still retains its original majesty and momentum. Its gorgeous carvings, rare materials and exquisite craftsmanship reveals a noble royal style, which makes people feel awe-inspiring.  

The regulation of palace chairs is also intended to follow the ancient philosophy of “the sky is round and the place is round” – the circle of the chair is round, symbolizing the sky; the seat plate is square, symbolizing the earth. When we sit in the middle, we are in line with Taoism and reach the realm of balance and harmony among the three talents of heaven, earth and man, thereby improving the comprehensive fortune of life and advancing step by step in various fields.  

Both rosewood and red sandalwood are the most expensive varieties of mahogany, but rosewood is known as the best material for making palace chairs. Because of its moderate hardness and soft hand feel, it is very suitable for living needs, so it has unparalleled advantages in sitting and lying comfortably.