Panlong Pillar | Cloisonne

The Dragon Pillar is a traditional Chinese landmark building. It is often seen in the residences of emperors and nobles, such as the Forbidden City of the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and the Dacheng Hall of Confucius. The Dragon Pillar can be seen standing there, symbolizing that the Chinese people have the blood of the dragon family, and there is a spirit of perseverance in their bones. the spirit of. The “Cloisonne Panlong Pillar” is made with the cloisonné enamel process exclusive to the royal family, and it shows the emperor’s identity as the “True Dragon Emperor”. It is mainly displayed around the throne of the palace. Whenever the emperor ascends to the throne, sandalwood incense is lit in the column, and the curling cigarettes are scattered in the palace, which not only adds a sense of solemnity but also creates an atmosphere of purple air coming from the east, symbolizing the emperor. It is the incarnation of the dragon, who is mandated by heaven to lead the people to a prosperous life and has the supreme right.

There are a pair of cloisonne coiled dragon columns, which are set as the left dragon and the right phoenix, which means that the dragon is soaring and the phoenix is soaring, and the world is stable and peaceful. The dragon column consists of three parts, namely the top pavilion, the middle column, and the bottom platform. First of all, the top pavilion is in the shape of a double-layer octagon, with a pointed treasure top, and there is a unicorn fairy beast guarding the spiritual pearl on the top, reporting auspiciousness to the world. The pavilion as a whole is decorated with gilt, and the only places such as beads, tiles, and eaves are decorated with cloisonné enamel, so as to add beauty to the solemnity. Transparent wisps of blue smoke. In addition, the double pillars of the Panlong have the same specifications, and the eaves of the pavilion alone are carved with the head of the dragon and the head of the phoenix, to celebrate the harmony of the dragon and the phoenix, and at the same time to distinguish the yin and yang.

The middle of the cloisonne dragon pillar is the area where the cloud dragon climbs. The five-clawed dragon is full of sapphire blue. Its dragon head, dragon claws, and dragon spine are all plated with copper and gold, and its body is dotted with pieces of gold scales. Clinging on the pillar, it rushes to the sky with a thunderous momentum, showing the strength and vigor of the dragon family, which is a metaphor for the self-improvement spirit of the Chinese people. The double-layer platform at the bottom of the Panlong Pillar is supported by the small feet of the cloud head and is mainly decorated with lotus patterns. The gilt railings on the stage are hollowed out and carved with ruyi patterns, and the pitch-shaped lotus pedestals are spaced between the fences, which sets off the majestic and magnificent atmosphere of the coiled dragon columns, helping the mansion become the land of Zhongling Yuxiu.