Plain Top Cabinet | Rosewood

Rosewood “plain top box cabinet” is a typical Ming-style furniture. Its material is particularly elegant and beautiful. Without any carvings, it has shown the natural warm color and elegant texture of Rosewood, which reproduces the simplicity of the pursuit of the pursuit of the Ming Dynasty. Rosewood is delicate and tough, and it is difficult to find it. Nowadays, the market can be described as gold and wood and gold. Therefore, this pair of Rosewood Donald Case Cabinet is really amazing. As the wooden fragrance came from the nose, it became a sense of calmness. The top box cabinet is generally optical, and the side side is flat. The buttons, noodles, hinges, feet, etc. on the counter are equipped with copper ornaments to achieve the finishing touch. The top box cabinet is tall and can be combined to discharge in a pair, or it can be divided into one on the left and one on the left, so as to be objective and dignified. In the Chinese culture, this is a suitable embodiment of the dignity and class of the upper clan.