Plum Blossom Table | Cloisonne

The “Jingtai Blue Plum Blossom Table” is only dedicated to the royal family. A full set of four stools is a round table and round stool. According to the consciousness of the Plum Blossom Table Templage, this set of furniture was produced in the Qianlong year of the Qing Dynasty and was supervised by the court office.       

The plum table and chairs are consistent with the shape of the plum blossoms as a whole. First of all, the legs and feet of plum tables and chairs are ingenious, breaking through the previous models of straight feet and beasts, and designed as Ruyi’s upper and lower up and down, and then put on mud to carry legs and feet. temperament. Even in order to improve the moisture and ventilation, the plum stool is also installed under the mud, and the stool is more lively and clever. In addition, the old parts of the table and chair are also combined in the form of heart-shaped Ruyi pattern and auspicious cloud Ruyi pattern, which combines plum blossoms and Ruyi to produce the meaning of elegant Pinghe.       

Regarding the tattoo case, the short old, wiping, and mud of plum tables and chairs are decorated with tangled flower patterns, life patterns and bat patterns. Various patterns are intertwined, seemingly messy bless. The desktop theme of the Meihua Round Table shows a picture of “Songhe Yannian”, which explains the meaning of wealth longevity and happy events under the setting of a lotus lotus and peony flowers. As for the round stool seat, the four are all “Five Bats Holding Life Map”, praying for the five blessings, such as life, rich, Corning, Xiu virtue, and ending, and bless the royal family in the long run.