Qinhan Great Wall | Ceramics

The Great Wall of the Qin and Han dynasties, China’s ancient and immortal architectural legends. Thousands of years ago, in the era of war in the seven nations, a hero took advantage of the situation and defeated the princes of various countries one by one. It took less than 10 years to unify the world and became the first emperor in Chinese history -Qin Shihuang. After boarding the throne, the emperor immediately ordered the construction of the Great Wall, relying on it to block the powerful attacks of the Xiongnu, and it was still amazed by the world until now.       

The ceramic “Great Wall of the Qin and Han dynasties” is detailed, carved, and vividly carved, and the details are in place. After the northward tour, Qin Shihuang was at a loss. He stood on the luxury carriage and witnessed the rivers and mountains he had laid. The horses were strong and the soldiers were burly. In addition, porcelain also painted various gods and beast totems, accompanied by the town wall to the highest place. From the top of the ceramic, we can also see the stereo Great Wall winding and dangerous. As we rotate the bottle, the awesome scene of the entire Qin Shihuang north tour is flowing in front of the eyes.