Rectangular, Hexagonal, Octagonal Treasure Box | Rosewood

Treasure boxes are everywhere in the life of the ancients. Whether at home or going out, there are always some accessories, parts, snacks, etc. that need a box to store. These boxes are small and exquisite, easy to carry, and have become the favorite of many sons and buddies. He handed out a treasure box from his sleeve as a gift to his beloved woman. Regardless of what was in the box, who wouldn’t be attracted by his flirtatious style first? As a result, the treasure box has been passed down to this day and has become a symbol of “extreme attention”. With its preciousness and exquisiteness, it reflects the owner’s full heart and attention. I hope that the other party will experience a solemn sense of ceremony at the moment of opening, and thus feel love and cherished.

There is this famous story in ancient times, “Buy the casket and return the pearl”. It is said that during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, a merchant from the state of Chu wanted to sell jewelry in the state of Zheng. Several exquisite and novel wooden boxes are engraved with patterns and scented, making the boxes a rare work of art. Merchants excitedly put jewelry into boxes, confident that they would attract many customers. As expected, he attracted onlookers in the lively market, but what people paid attention to and were interested in was not the jewelry, but the jewelry box! Everyone was discussing the style and decoration of the box, and they were indifferent to the jewelry, which made the merchants turn around in a hurry. Finally, a man from Zheng Guo picked up the box and looked at it carefully, and then bought the set of jewelry at a high price. When the merchant was excited, he saw the man from the State of Zheng returning, thinking that the other party wanted to go back on his words, and saw that the man from the State of Zheng carefully opened the box and returned the jewelry inside. Give it to the merchant, and then leave, admiring the wooden box intently. This little fable tells us a very important message in ancient times, that is, from a long time ago, the famous wooden treasure box has had enough limelight to surpass jewelry.

Rosewood is the most precious wood species in the world. It is called “the world’s must”. When making a treasure box, there can be various shapes such as rectangles, hexagonal, and octagonal. Rosewood naturally has the lines of flowing clouds and the eye-catching ghost eyes, and it turns into a simple and elegant treasure box. The value can often be compared with jewelry and jade. As a popular storage appliance in ancient China, Rosewood Treasure Box also has practical, art, scarcity, and other properties at the same time, and is one of the indispensable collections of all collectors.