Rich and auspicious | Thuja

Peony represents riches, magpie represents auspiciousness, peony matched with magpie, making it rich and auspicious.       

From ancient times to the present, the most common auspicious theme in Chinese culture is peony. The peony is graceful, luxurious and rich. It is a unique and precious flower in China. It has been given the titles of “national beauty and heavenly fragrance” and “the top of a hundred flowers”. In ancient times, only the queen could use the peony color utensils, but now the people are deeply attracted by the peony temperament, and they think that only the peony flower matches the wealth and honor in the world, and they like to integrate it into their lives.

“Rich, Noble and Auspicious” uses a century-old rare tree – Thuja to carve peony blooming in the wind, and a few magpies sing among the flowers, presenting a lively and lively atmosphere. Magpies are birds of good news. They seem to understand human nature. When they fly into the house, they have good and auspicious connotations. With the image of the white wood boulder at the root of the peony, they represent wealth and white head and wish the family prosperity and permanent status.