Rich full lotus seed bottle | Pink porcelain porcelain

The pastel porcelain “Rich and Rich Lotus Seed Vase” is combined into one. One side is the “National Color Tianxiang Peony” by the ceramic master Zhang Songmao, and the other side is the “Water Point Peach Blossom” by the ceramic family Xu Yafeng. Two ceramic masters with more than 70 years of experience in art We will cooperate with each other to integrate the theme that I am best at in my life into this thin-bodied porcelain vase and create a peerless boutique of one porcelain and two possessions.

“Rich and Rich Lotus Seed Bottle” has pink petals covered with porcelain tires. In the picture, butterflies fly and birds are paired, just like loving couples who never leave. “Water Point Peach Blossom” is dense and dense, the shades are suitable, and the branches and branches of the peach blossoms are blooming, which means beautiful love and sweet companionship. The “national color and heavenly fragrance peony” is beautiful and graceful, which means the flowers are rich and noble, and the price is indescribable. The combination of these two themes is full of happiness and happiness, and it is most suitable for newlyweds or relatives and friends to move into a new house.