Rolling grass pattern chair (three-piece set) | rosewood

The rolled grass pattern chair is a unique chair style of the Chinese nation. It has two chairs and forms a classic three-piece suit. It is a traditional and noble charm when placed at home.   

The armchair is round on the outside and square on the inside. It has a Chinese consciousness and is smooth in dealing with the outside world, and has a gentleman’s demeanor that persists internally. Its loop back is connected to the armrests, which meander down from high to low according to the human body structure. With the backrest board with open-cut grass patterns on the upper and lower sides, it can make people feel comfortable and comfortable while sitting in it, and can also show a funny and generous character. In addition, the armrests and four legs of the armchair are also lightly decorated with openwork scroll grass patterns, which seem to be the finishing touch, rendering the whole set of furniture a subtle and elegant oriental appearance. At the same time, the coffee table is placed between the two chairs in a similar layout, which directly separates the honest beauty of classical furniture, and expresses the connotation of complete harmony, squareness, and stability in the rhythmic lines.