Round Bogu Frame | Big Red Rosewood

Big red rosewood “circular Bogu frame” continues the “round culture” of the Chinese tradition. The design is tall and warm, the outer circle and the inside, the humble and full frames are different from the floor with different heights and different widths and narrows. The mystery of the attic. The Bogu frame is full of thoughts, and it can be divided into two or two. When separated, there are two symmetrical semi-circulars that can be placed on both sides to separate space; the combination is a complete circle, which is enough to set up the central provision of 360 degrees in the center.       

The ancient shelf is similar to ancient bookshelves, but it is used to display antique treasures. Collectors can set up antique utensils on each different style of small grids, such as furnaces, bottles, bottles, Yi, etc. The most extreme charm of volatile, so it is also known as “collecting brocade” or “Duobao Xunzi”. Big red rosewood “round Bogu frame” is open before and after, with strong transparency and generous.