Ruyi handle · Everything is complete | Red Sandalwood

The lion rolls the ball, the more it rolls, the more round it is. I wish the family all success and good luck. The five lions hydrangea carved from red sandalwood are antique, simple and heavy as if gathering the mysterious and lively power of the ancient world, let the five mighty lions compete to play the round hydrangea, showing a lively, prosperous and prosperous atmosphere.

The lion is the Chinese auspicious beast and the king of the beasts. It has long represented absolute authority and vigorous vitality. It is heroic, masculine, brave, and good at fighting. It was regarded as the patron saint by the ancient royal family. Hydrangea often appears in festive occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, festivals, etc., and hydrangea is indispensable for decoration. It is colorful and beautiful, and is a traditional mascot used to bless “good things are coming”. The lion rolling the hydrangea constitutes a beautiful story picture, which means that the lion drives away bad luck, eliminates disasters and wards off evil spirits, and sends auspiciousness and good luck one after another.