Ruyi handle · Gangu harvest | rosewood

The five grains are abundant, and the harvest is harvested every year!

As the so-called “people take food as their heaven”, food is the root of the survival of the people all over the world, and we have a deep sense of respect and intimacy for grains and rice grains. Rice, millet, wheat, and glutinous rice, when all the grains and miscellaneous grains are full and round, it means that our life is abundant and the country is prosperous and prosperous. It is human nature to attach importance to and cherish the five grains. We depend on food to survive. We must drink water to think of the source and repay our gratitude. Let the five grains spread over every inch of the world’s land, and we hope that everyone will have food to eat. From now on, the country will be prosperous and the people will be safe.