Ruyi Lion | Labor Rosewood

Ruyi carved a lion, all is well.

Lions have innate majesty, symbolizing power, power and justice. People often use the awakened lion as a metaphor for the rising Chinese nation. They believe that powerful talents will eventually bring brilliant achievements to the country.

The “Ruyi lion” carved by lobular red sandalwood is piled up into auspicious Ruyi handles with a large number of awakening lions. The temperament is elegant and solemn. It combines the wishful thinking and the powerful lion, which means that the strong and the strong will join forces and in the process of everything going smoothly. Build a prosperous country. As we all know, the lion is the king of beasts, and the more famous image in Feng Shui circles is the image of “big lion and young cub”, which signifies high personal status and prosperous children. , to add auspiciousness to the home.