Safe and Sound | Thuja

Even if we don’t see each other, may peace be with you. Bamboo rises steadily, symbolizing tenacious vitality. It is handsome and undefeated. It exudes a handsome and straight gentleman’s demeanor. Two magpies rest here happily, sheltered by bamboo leaves, and peony flowers are blooming next to it, which means bamboo. The family is immersed in an atmosphere of joy and happiness. Even if we live in a foreign land for our livelihood, distance cannot restrain our deep concern, nor can we change our affection for our relatives, partners, and friends. We can only offer the blessing of “Bamboo for Peace”, and give good wishes to those we care about. Give the other party peace and joy, and report on their health. I only hope that after separation, we will usher in a couple of years and years.