Shakyamuni | Red Sandalwood

Shakyamuni Buddha is compassionate, and the lotus eyes are low. Its shape is like a lotus, and its quality is holy and clear, which is pleasing to be happy and perception.       

The scriptures say: “The Land of Ultimate Bliss has a lotus pond with seven treasures, water of eight merits… The lotus in the pond is as big as a wheel.” The lotus is the holy flower of Buddhism. In the whirling world, trapped in the entanglement and temptation of seven emotions and six desires, you must always maintain your steadfastness, get rid of distracting thoughts, so that you can live in flamboyance without being stained with dust, slowly open the lotus of your heart, and use the pure, pure spirit that annihilates all desires. Heart, awaken to the Buddha nature, leave the sea and land on the shore, free from all sufferings, and reach the realm of my Buddha’s compassion and tranquility.